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Thanks for your interest in Learning To Fly with Center Line Aviation!

Have you been thinking about learning to fly? Schedule an Introductory/Discovery Flight Lesson for  ($59 + tax). This lessons includes a couple hrs explaining the entire training process, and a ½ flight with the explorer doing the flying under close supervision.

“I have been flying since 1994 with over 4,200 hrs of flight time and nearly 3,000 hrs of training students since 2000 . I am a dedicated,  experienced, and safety oriented trainer who has successfully trained nearly 50 pilots. – References available”  Instructor Larry Straitiff

What does it take to become a private pilot? The FAA Mandates a min of 40 Hrs of Training for the Private Pilot Certificate but the National average is 60-70 hrs. Center Line bases estimates on 60 hrs.

S_Alarus (2)An average student can plan on 60 hrs over a 6+ month time frame and a total cost of around $8,000 (Including all materials and fees).

Rental Rates for aircraft $99/hr or $95/hr with a 10 hr block purchase – PA sales tax on rental

Instructional rates $33/hr or $30/hr with 10 hr block purchase.

Some flight training resources: