Fuel Price $4.80 100LL/$4.00 Jet A


Q?Is there a plane refueling station I can buy fuel from?
A. Yes, we welcome fliers who are looking to refuel. For fuel prices, please call: 814-328-2622.

Q?Where is the closest place to rent a vehicle?
A. There is Hertz Rental right inside the DuBois Airport. Learn more HERE.

Q?What can I take on the plane?
A. It is best to refer to TSA guidelines when deciding what to pack.

Q?Do I have to pay for parking?
A. NO! Unlike many other airports, parking is free at DuBois Regional Airport.

Q?What time are you open?


Q?What are the Flight Deck Restaurant’s hours?


  • Mon-Wed: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Thu-Sat: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Sun: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Q?How early do I need to check in?
A.Check in begins 45 minutes / no less than 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. If a ticketed passenger arrives at a ticket counter and no agent is available, the passenger should call Carrier’s Customer Service Center at 800-329-0485 for assistance.

Q?Where can I exchange currency?
A. You have several options for exchanging currency:

  • While en-route back to DuBois, you can echange at the Pittsburgh International Airport or at Baltimore-Washington International Airport .
  • If you have already arrived back in DuBois, you can go to State College, PA (approximately an hour), or go to Pittsburgh, PA (approximately two hours.)

Q?Do you have wi-fi?
A. Yes, we have free wi-fi.

Q?How do I get a flight to or from the DuBois Airport?
A. When searching for flights, use code DUJ to identify DuBois Regional Airport.

Q?What’s the baggage policy?
A. We recommend that you travel light, for both comfort and cost-savings. Duffel bags and back packs may be carried on or gate-checked.

Each passenger is allowed up to 50 pounds of combined total weight in luggage, including all carry on bags. If a passenger requires more than 50 pounds of luggage AND needs to GUARANTEE that their bags will travel with them on their flight (not on a later flight), they must purchase an additional ticket at the lowest available fare. Please contact customer service for further details by calling 800-329-0485 and selecting option 2.

Combined baggage up to 50 lbs is included at no additional charge, with the price of your ticket. (Your connecting airline may assess an additional charge.) You will need to claim your baggage at Pittsburgh, Dulles, Baltimore-Washington or Harrisburg and re-check it to your final destination if Pittsburgh, Dulles, Baltimore-Washington or Harrisburg is not your final destination.

For over-sized bags with total dimensions over 52 inches, passengers may consider shipping such baggage through a provider such as UPS or FedEx from your hometown airport to you final destination.